“We claim Black Moves as we claim Black Lives: urgent, meaning-filled, seemingly impossible; conflicted and sanctified; queer, immigrant, and embodied processes of engaged intellect.” -Tomas DeFrantz & Tara Aisha Willis. From Milwaukee to Columbus and the many points between, my body has experienced the life of a woman in the Afro-Diaspora. My body has many movements, emotions, and techniques that create beautiful visuals only I can see currently in my head. My goal is to bring these visions into fruition with a 20 min solo performance exploring the emotional, physical, and life encounters and restoration of trauma in work entitled “LackLuster.” This performance will move through three sections: 1. Milwaukee Upbringing (sexual trauma, identity, political body, religion); 2. Military (trauma, athleticism, regimen); 3. Restoration. Through established choreographic and embodied practice as research methodologies, this work will allow me to not only investigate who I am as dancer and maker but also how to connect this and express it integrating writing, movement, voice, and technology. This work will add to the scholarship of Blackness and being, women, gender, sexuality, and dance studies. Its significance centers a marginalized voice in space, place, and time. In the words of Tarana Burke, #MeToo movement founder, “If we don’t center the voices of marginalized people, we’re doing the wrong work.” As a member of the marginalized, it is my hope to continue doing this work and more.

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