August 2016 was my last month of residency in Wisconsin until further notice. Why? Because I will be going to The Ohio State University! I will study what I should have started with from the beginning of my collegiate career; Dance! (for more information check out my website

As you could imagine, many people were excited for me. Others rather confused. Where I come from not many people, let alone black, pursue a higher education degree in Dance. So when they see me prancing around with my acceptance letter they can’t but wonder my future.And as for me, at times, I feel the same way. So we end up in these lengthy discussions to where I am proving myself. or doing a mean eye roll.giphy.gif

In theses discussions, there are 3 main topics are addressed.

The first, “My Degree.” I am pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in Dance from The Ohio State University. Yes, you can major in dance. No, I am not getting a bachelor’s or a Ph.D. (even though the Ph.D. sounds cool) but a Masters of Fine Arts.  Yes; dance is a Fine Art, just like music,art, and theater. Fun Fact: Dance became a Fine Arts degree in the 1960’s.

Next,”Course Work.” The classes that I am required to take will get me acclimated to the department’s standards and rigor. Outside of the required course, I will explore technology, education pedagogy, choreography, and technique. Also, I will dive into Higher Education and African American studies to diversify my curriculum. 200_s

Finally, “The Future.”They ask me questions on my job prospect and well-being. I get really upset because they try to limit me to certain genres (that’s a topic for another day). But, OMG, I will have job opportunities when I graduate. I can be an educator to a creator. I can work for a company or create my own. I will obtain some sort of employment in my field. I do not know where I’ll be, but what I do know is I’ll be GREAT!

If they try to go any further than these question I politely excuse myself. I made a vow to myself to not allow people to defer me from my dream. I’ve done this far too long!

My Cohort at The Ohio State University

Words cannot express how excited I am to learn side by side with these amazing people. Each one brings such a, independently unique perspective to the environment but there is a connection to one another and how thy grouped us. Currently, we are in our 6th week of school and I must say, in my opinion, the bond and care for one another is reassuring. I’ve never felt so supported in my academic career for a long. To come to a huge institution and work with a team of individuals who not only care for themselves and future opportunities but take the time out to see about you is breathtaking (and a little shocking).