In my graduate seminar class, we are learning introduction tools and functions of Final Cut Pro. For an assignment, we had to record a couple of clips and create a video, at least a minute long, and share it with the class (we had a week to do it). Below is the final project. 



I decided to try and take this assignment “seriously ” (but I do this with all my assignments lol) and incorporate the mission of why I’m here.The influences for the movement and creation of this task was to express the many layers of me and myself in the world around me. The song “Weary” By Solange Knowles gave perfect articulation and expression of my feelings. The movement, in which I improv on the spot, came out of the vocabulary that has been embedded in me by many people and influences. “An Exploration of Weary” is the permission given by myself to move through this feeling/being in many different settings and time.