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This a creative look into my time in my Intermedia Course Fall 2017. Be advised. 
I did everything on purpose.

Intermedia is:

A place where I was:


able to 


creating work with two wonderful creatives. We worked together and collaborated to build/foster and share(d) community.

With humor, we created a baby and her inner thought for our digital story. With the tech help of a camera, live feed, and a project. The audience was brought in for a cool live story time.

With our humor and imagination, we created a piece where all three dancers can showcase their skills. With the inspiration of Kanye and Eggs, we showed a piece that had the audience confused but yet intrigued.

With our humor, imagination, and community building, we designed an interactive dance experience for our peers in our final study. We wanted to explore and experiment with improvisation to create someones/dancer authentic movement. We thought that if we immerse them in an environment, give them different cues, they would dance themselves.

Intermedia is:

A space where I wish I could have dive deeper into the search of artist of color doing


A space where instead of being neutral and peer friendly,  I did what I wanted and created around my research

A space where i wish i can just play more

“Digital Recess”-Mason C.

A space I wish more people had access too.

(the more people are POC, marginalized, the ones not in college, etc)

A space where my “I wish” becomes “You can, and. . .”

There were two memorable moments, for me, in this course.

  1. Talking about race, technology, and space
  2. Watching Bebe’s Performance
  3. Norah’s Mom!

I enjoy chatting it up about our messed up world that yall live in and created. Hey, but what can we do about it. (insert ? shrug). Well, CREATE! and watch other creatives create! and watch other creatives who are not apart of the norm/ usual white male blah blah create! and talk about our feelings of what they create(d). And get closer/to know your classmates and


BEBE MILLER (and company)! OMG! WOW! AMAZING. Im still speechless. But my favorite was when the two (black) dancers were dancing to Nelly, Country Grammar with the interruption of the interview with author Toni Morrison about write about black folks. I haven’t dissected itIn my mindButWatching it connect it with meOn a intellectual levelBecause I felt there was a fightAlone and with themselves and with the bookOrtext.Everything felt asif it was running together and smashing up against each other but still had a sense of care.There was a message meant to be read I’ve feltBut still haven’t been able toUnderstand what was meant to be read. Lights, Mic, Recorded speeches, headphones, and a script took me into the world/mind of BeBe.

Norah’s mom was a bonus. I bought her book To help with my creative funk her easy, fun, way in to create using text was A- MAZE ING. I would like her to come back more often.

Where do I go from here:

Hopefully in to the world of creating and doing! and being comfortable in it (or not). But first Just Do It!