amc 2018
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This year was my first time attending the Allied Media Conference which is hosted in Detroit, Michigan. Let’s just say this conference was the most informative, inspiring, and LIT conference i’ve attended. I was involved in session that touched on technology, social justice, pedagogy, community engagement and more. I networked and build relationship with people who are in my career trajectory and non. I am thankful that Nora Zuniga-Shawm and  ACCAD sent me to this conference. As you can see I absorbed a lot of information. It is my hopes to incorporate these ideas in my thesis and utilize the tools and experiences given to me to uplift my communities. Below I will discuss briefly my experience through the events and sessions. Be advised it is a very long blog filled with data and traces, feel free to scroll around as fit. 



AMC2018 Homeroom

Past, Present, Futurism: Resilient Infrastructure

Welcome to AMC2018!: A FireHouse Music Series Celebrate/Dream Cafe Kick-off Party with djs Whodat + LadyMonix


Community Tech in Practice: Building Community Wifi Networks

In a packed room, filled with 10 roundtable with wires and other tech tools, I was able to learn through a hands on experience on how to make wifi networks to take back to my community. The organization (insert here), shared their mission and call to action with the class. 

Sword into Plowshares: Reclaim the Bible for Healing & Justice

 I was able to sit in and listen to how the facilitator, who has a degree in Theology, utilize their degree to dive into the origins of the Bible and how it was canonized. From there they explained and facilitated discussion on how we can be more inclusive in our home religion environment, foster conversation in this subject matter, and read our bible. They were patient with the class and allowed students  to come in and out of the space as they comforted.

Wakanda Foreva, eva? Black Folks at AMC

This space was a Black identifying only space for AMC’ers to come together and share, prepare, and grow their presences at AMC. I was greeted immediately into the space with hugs, heys, head nods, and smiles. From there food was sent my way and the meeting started. We learned about the history of AMC and how Black Identifying folks fit, mixed, and fought in. From there we shared our Rose and Thorns and Action plans to move forward. I cant go into details abut the meeting but know I was places in a collaborative project that will come into fruition. 

BYP100 Presents The Black Joy Experience

BUFU: Our Selves, Our Stories, and Our Futures

Emergent Motion Jam: Improvisational Dance from the Margins


Opening Ceremony


AMC Karaoke+ Bowling Party/ Off Site Gathering

What I appreciate about these events was I was able to get a gist of downtown Detroit. Also, I was in contact with many AMC’ers outside of the conference environment. It was very relaxed setting. In the Karaoke event, I received $20 for sing Whitney “I Will Always Love You” very well. . . Video is roaming around FB somewhere. 



Shaping Data, Shaping Power


Designing Possibilities for the Wellbeing of Black Women

Find Yourself in the Break: Lesson in Black Jazz Meditation

Trap in the Park

Fight Your Racist Camera

Black Music


Five Miles of Freedom: African American History Tour in Detroit

I and my colleagues were able to take a tour of the history of Detroit Michigan. From stories of run away slave, to the history of churches, music, and housing, I appreciated the life that many made in this city. We visited many local/national celebrities homes and was able to walk the neighborhoods. 

Performing New Worlds Plenary


I never realize I already followed and was a huge fan of Francesca Fiorentini work on Facebook and Youtube. She explained her career and life and the choices she made to keep her artist integrity and moving her mission and work forward. Also, as an artist I appreciate other artist sharing their process and journey. It brings me great ease as I take on this track in my life. I was so moved by their presentation that  I asked a question to the panel. I utilized my outside voice to project from way in the back of a full theater to get my question answered. (34.21)


Closing Ceremony


Black Independence Celebration 

 I was able to stop by the Black Independence Celebration which was an event to celebrate Juneteenth (June 19th). It is know that June 19th is the day where the last of the slaves were free. This event showcases many Detroits local artist and creative into a space to share. I was able to purchase are from a local artist which is hanging in my home beautifully.