July 20 – 29, 2018  |  Phoenix, AZ

I had the opportunity to spend part of my summer diving deep into myself and artist practice with Urban Bush Women (UBW) Summer Leadership Institute (SLI). UBW partnered with Arizona State University’s Projecting All Voices initiative to “discover ways in which institutions can move beyond diversity initiatives and become organizations that lead in examining structural racism and its impact on our curriculums, programming, organizing and art-making practices.” 

For 10 days, we had discussion, dance for every body classes, fellowship meals, and more. I really dug deep into my self and my creative collaboration process. Being able to be an active participant and practice processes that allow everyone to contribute was enjoyable.

I was very intrigued with how everything came out. Even though we all knew we had a performance to put on in the end, it didn’t feel like we were all creating for the show. It was a very process heavy performance we created. Jawole and Vicent pieced our show together and made the final decision on what was cut and what wasn’t.

I worked on many parts of the show. The intro musical number, I sang and collaborated with other dancers in the musical process. UBW repertory shelter, majorette pieces about our body not being for profit, This is America/Star Spangle Banner and My Ancestors/ My Ancestors Prayed For Me part.

I worked with John Alexander and Tiffany Rhynard on the visuals for the performance. Although our audience engagement piece, which asked the audience question we had answered throughout our SLI experience, we used other visuals to carry the message throughout the performance.

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SLI 2018 Saturday Evening Performance