Photo By. Jade Charon

I am thankful for the opportunity to share my work at ReStore Dance Festival in Los Angelos, CA. Jade Charon, a long time friend and colleague, shared her platform and opportunity she held at Highways Performance Space with Women of Color creator and maker. For two nights, emerging choreographer (including myself) opened the show with their works ranging from different themes and embodied techniques. Jade and Highways allowed us a full tech rehearsal run and the opportunity to set our lighting cue to whatever we like. Also, our performance was recorded by the lovely Chantel Cherry. All choreographers gave audience members question and prompts for them to consider as they watch the performance.  This intimate space provided audience members to get up and personal with our work. They wrote feedback and questions to artist for them to take into consideration moving forward. On Sunday, Jade provided a brunch in the park where we shared out highs and lows, mentor feedback, and blessing to all of us. There was smiles, laughters, tears, and gratitude shown to all in the space. Jade vision for ReStore Dance Festival is to have this annually and in multiple locations.

I performed on Friday evening. I shared a snippet of my MFA thesis project “LackLuster”. This section is the military section of the work and moving forward. From the feedback I have received, this work has grown and matured. I am blessed to have a save environment to share the work and received great feedback to move forward.