On November 13th, 2018, I taught my Hip Hop One Class the oral history of Milwaukee Hip Hop dance. Because it is an oral and embodied experience, there isn’t a lot of writing happening about it. We discussed locations, events, dj’s, clothing styles, and my connection to the dance style. I shared them a couple songs from past and current Milwaukee rappers and we selected a song to dance to. Much Lauren “Big Money” was their song of choice. We put the dance together and I recorded it for their record. Because I was so excited I shared with my Instagram account and tagged the artist (seen below).

Little did I know that this artist would share with his page and spread like wildfire! Wow! I’ve been tagged several times, inboxed, and spotted in public by people I know and don’t know about my dance class. I instantly started explaining myself to those who were highly upset. For me, it is important to know that these dances are only alive and well in the bodies of Milwaukee youth (now adults). Also, understand that I was there living through this experience and those have value too. Finally, I’m open to collaborating and sharing this with those in Milwaukee and beyond and will continue to do so. Many on social media were just shocked that a class like this existed and were thankful. Others had a good laugh.

My students did not know that I shared the video. I generally ask them for permission to share, but because I was so excited I got really nervous sought out professional advice from my mentors and peers. Luckily since The Ohio State University is a public university as long as it is a scheduled event on campus (like my class) I can freely record and share without permission. While this is was a blessing to me, I will make sure from here on out to have a form for students to sign at the beginning of the semester about sharing on social media. When I shared with my students they were excited that the Milwaukee community (for the most part) enjoyed their dancing. I apologize for breaking their trust of asking before sharing and they immediately forgave me.

As of today I have:
-43K views on FB
-1,152 Shares on FB
-405 views on my IG
-1,368 views on his IG

Moving forward I do want to research Milwaukee Dancing further and potential conduct research in it.